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Sushi/Serving Tray - Hickory Dark Blue

Our Hickory Wood and Epoxy Serving Tray combines rustic charm and contemporary design. This tray is visually stunning and highly functional. Our sushi trays are inspired by those commonly used for serving sushi. However, their versatility knows no bounds, as they can gracefully present your favorite hors d'oeuvres or stand as an enchanting centerpiece. • Conveniently sized at 7" x 23.5", providing ample space for serving and display. • Expertly crafted using premium hickory wood, celebrated for its durability and rustic appeal. • Enriched with epoxy resin details that form a striking fusion of colors and textures, ensuring each piece boasts a unique character. • Thoughtfully designed with user convenience in mind, featuring seamlessly integrated premium handles for easy transport. • Rubber feet ensure stability and surface protection. • Stainless steel hardware

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